Friday, July 29, 2016


Affirming yourself and your work

Writing requires many skills: creativity, patience, craft, conviction and dedication. When done correctly, it brings the rare satisfaction of knowing that you have not only communicated effectively with your audience, but have entertained them and sometime even altered how they feel about themselves and the universe at large.

I enjoy writing both fiction and nonfiction, but there is something especially satisfying about telling tales that compel people to laugh or cry or ponder imaginary people exploring non-existent, but believable worlds.

Writers usually labor at their tasks in isolation. They also must reveal intimate glimpses of the human condition by drawing on their own experiences. They tend to suffer from many of the same insecurities as other artists or lovers, never quite sure if they have succeeded in reaching another soul or have simply embarrassed themselves with fumbled intimacies.

So, to endure in the process of writing, when any accolades from devoted fans are still in some imagined future, writers often resort to reviewing affirmations to keep their fingers on the keyboard. Below are some affirmations I’ve compiled to keep me on task with A Groupie Genius in the Kennel of Morticue Ambergrand. Feel free to affirm your own impulses to write with any of these that appeal to you.

Writing is one of the ways I show love to others by sharing my knowledge, insights, and wisdom.

I have a unique voice that is expressed through my writing.

My story matters. 

All I can do is all I can do, but all I can do is enough.

My story is one that only I can tell.

I love the creative process of writing.

Time spent writing is productive time.

Sharing journeys expands what it means to be human.

Our stories tell the lies that reveal universal truths.


  1. I like those affirmations, Gary, especially "time spent writing is productive time." I tend to think of writing time as an indulgence when I see weeds overtaking the lawn...

    1. I know what you mean. Someone said once that if writing is a priority for you, then put it at the top of your to-do list and not at the bottom.