Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is a Bioscape?

Bioscape is short for biological landscape. As far as I know, I invented the term. That’s okay. I consider myself a creative person with a license to invent.

I intend to explore a variety of bioscapes within the context of this blog. Some will serve to explain something I’ve learned about life on modern Earth. Biology is my thing. I hold a Master’s degree in the topic, for whatever that’s worth, have taught the subject to middle school and high school students, as well as adults. Exploring the field for most of my 65 years, I’ve never become bored with it. The more I learn, the more my fascination grows.

Some explorations will delve into the evolution of life and my rants will create bioscapes from Earth’s deep time past. I practice and follow the discipline of paleontology. I’m a firm believer in evolution as the best explanation for the diversity of life on the planet. Science is a self-correcting endeavor, subject to test and revision--an attractive feature for me. Science can't answer all questions a human might wish answered, but it is an elegant and powerful tool that complements other ways of knowing when used respectfully and responsibly.

Some of my bioscapes will be science fictional and fantastic, because I believe such extrapolations represent hypotheses yet to be proven. Human imagination is a tremendous force (for both construction and destruction) that results from the synergy of our rather unique neural pathways.

I am a visual artist and love creating images with paint and pixels, so will post many of those. I hope that other natural science and science fiction illustrators will find some of my digressions on technique of interest.

So, if you suspect you might be a bioscape voyeur, welcome aboard. I will try to keep the tone light, the content high, the information stimulating, and the landscapes filled with entertaining details.

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