Monday, March 5, 2012

Confessions of a time traveler

March 10, 2012 at 1 pm I hope some of my readers and friends will visit Old Firehouse Books in Old Town Fort Collins. I will confess about my time traveling adventures over the years—especially as they relate to two recent books: The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore and A Singular Prophecy.

The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore, inspired by my fossil hunting excursions with W.I.P.S. and my love for the writings of Loren Eiseley, follows the journey of a time traveler in search of the “creatures that changed the Mesozoic world.” I enjoyed creating the Cretaceous seashore illustrations for this book, especially the cover art, which is a depiction of what Baculite Mesa (east of Pueblo) might have looked like 67 million years ago. Fellow W.I.P.S. member and Baculite Mesa researcher, Malcolm Bedell, now owns the original of the piece below—a gift from his wife Susan.

I will also read from, and describe the genesis of, A Singular Prophecy, a YA SF book I have mentioned before in this blog. A young paleontologist, Ryan Thompson, makes the fossil discovery of a lifetime. Just a bit of wish fulfillment there.

I dedicated this book to my mother, Hilda, because her tale of a Fortune Teller’s prophecy loomed large as a motivator for my career as a writer and illustrator. If you have time on Saturday, March 10, or at the Fort Collins Rockhound’s 51st Annual Gem and Mineral Show on March 25, please stop by and say hello. You have nothing to loose but your preconceptions of the space/time continuum. 

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